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At each port of call your cruise ship makes there are always a list of options. Standard ship-offered shore excursions (pre-planned group tours that usually involve a bus, a guide, and a place for you to buy souvenirs) can be disappointing and expensive. This is particularly true in the Caribbean and Mexico. European excursions and exotic locals are more likely to be better options, and special excursions arranged by the local tour operators can offer a great window onto local life.  

Most ports are easy to negotiate on your own, and a little advanced preparation and research can greatly enhance your experience ashore if you're looking to get beyond the standard tours.

 Should you book your shore excursions independently of your cruise line -- and save a few bucks -- or is it better to take those tours offered through your ship?

There's no easy answer to this question. It all depends, not just on circumstances but also on the ports of call and the travelers' own experience (or lack thereof) for independent travel. And no question, for the most part cruise lines do charge more than non-cruise-related operators for just about the same tour. Sure, shore excursions are profit centers for the cruise lines; consider the extra you pay to serve as insurance. Cruise lines hold tour operators responsible for quality control as well as make sure that all necessities, liability insurance, registration and other areas of compliance are complete.

Shore excursions used to be limited, city tours and folkloric dance troupes. Today they are unlimited in scope, flightseeing, helecopters, dog sleds and safaris to name just a few.You can explore with others from the ship or take private tours. Most cruise ships will have an excurision breifing the first day you sail to give you a good idea of what's offered. Also they list and you may be able to prebook on the web site belonging to the ship you have selected for your trip. Remember most tours are of general interest, if your looking for specific interest tours you may be better on your own or with friends.

Taxis and small buses are often available for rent at each port once your off the ship, remember negotiate the price in advance. If there are several of you, this can be cheaper than the orginized tours. The drivers(make sure they speak your language) can tailor their tour information to whatever your interests are.

Also you can just walk or take local transportation to any location that interests you.

What ever you decide make sure you know or write down the dock information for getting back to your ship. Often the local contact representative in each port is listed in the program of the day found in your room each evening. They can help you if you get stuck somewhere.

Please feel free to discuss your options with me, I can often help save you alot time seaching and $$.


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